What is sushi

For many years I asked myself what sushi was. I had an idea of what was in it, but I didn't really knew anything about sushi, where did it came from or why most of my friends were becoming obsess with it. This section is dedicated to those who feel a little illiterate when it come to sushi and that find themselves asking the million dollar question what is sushi.

Sushi is delicious japanese dish, in it's most basic form it consists of cooked rice mixed with vinegar also know as Shari, and later combined with other toppings or ingredients. The other fillings are most often seafood products but they can also be meat, seaweed, vegetables and even eggs. Although for those who don't know, sushi may appear as raw fish, the toppings can be either raw, pickled, blanched, soaked in Sake or cooked.

The word sushi in english is used to refer to the complete dish, (rice or shari and toppings), literally the word sushi in english means "sour tasting". Although we often refer to sushi as japanese sushi, it is believe that sushi was born in China before it was introduce in Japan. In the original sushi preparation method the sushi rice was fermented producing vinegar that fermented the fish. Later the fermented fish was taken out of the rice and the rice was dispose.

Modern sushi is nothing like the old school one. What we know as sushi is a Hanaya Yohei's adaptation of what the dish was back then. The introduction of vinegar to the preparation process helped accentuate the rice's taste and increased the seafoods' life, but it also allowed the sushi chef to shorten the fermentation process and eventually abandoned it. In between 1799 and 1858, Hanaya reinvented sushi in Tokyo. The result was a form of fast food that didn't require a fermentation process.

There are several types of sushi where you can choose from. The types change according to preparation, presentation, type of toppings you put in it and the condiments used in cooking. The common denominator across all types is the sushi rice or Shari. Because you can combine what ever ingredients you want to make a unique sushi recipe, the the amount of types of sushi is endless. There are some traditional types of sushi such as: Oshi Sushi (Oshi), Inari Sushi (or Inari), Nori sushi (or Nori), Maki Sushi (or Maki), Chirashi sushi (or Chirashi), Nigiri Sushi (or Nigiri). For more information regarding each type and some delicious recipe please got to the respective tab at red fin sushi dot com.

There you go, no more asking yourself what is sushi. Now that you took the first step to become a sushi expert and you have the theory down, is time to take out your favorite chopsticks poor yourself some sake and start practicing.

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